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Coral Cove Properties is a distinguished corporate housing provider that merges comfort, style, and convenience with a serene, natural ambiance. Inspired by the idyllic beauty of coastal landscapes, our properties bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the fast-paced world of corporate life. 

Our housing solutions cater to discerning clients who value both quality and a harmonious living environment. Each of our properties, while diverse in style and location, reflects our commitment to excellence, providing our residents with a home that's not just a place to stay, but a retreat from the hustle of the business world. Here, the calming sound of waves is replaced by the quiet hum of a peaceful neighborhood, and the scenic view of the ocean is substituted with beautifully designed living spaces, offering comfort after a hard day's work. When you choose Coral Cove Properties, you're choosing more than just a corporate housing provider – you're choosing a sanctuary amidst the corporate jungle. We house your success.

Property Features 

At Coral Cove Properties, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive amenities and features that ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Our properties offer an array of exceptional features to enhance your experience, including:

Towels and soap on hanger

Fully Outfitted
and Equipped

No need to worry about the necessities. Our properties are arranged with all the essentials including kitchenware, linens, and cleaning supplies.


Complimentary Wifi 

 Hi-speed Wi-Fi and Smart TVs are ready for your use.

Washer and Dryer

An essential for an extended stay, worth a special mention - all of our properties are equipped with in-unit laundry facilities.

Pet & Family

Family is what truly helps

you feel at home.

That is why we do our best to accommodate the entire household.

Dog giving a high five
We'd love to hear from you.
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